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Intelliplug Energy Saving Computer PlugI already have energy saving bulbs in my home office (and the rest of the house) but this Christmas I thought it was time to make a bit more of an effort so now I have my centre desktop monitor plugged into one of these plugs.  I then have an 8 way extension cable plugged into the other socket into which I have plugged my:

  1. Second monitor
  2. Third Monitor
  3. Desk lamp
  4. Behind monitor lamp
  5. Scanner
  6. Camera charger
  7. External CD writer

This way when I switch on my centre screen all of the above power on, and when I power off my centre screen they all magically power off as well.  During winter this isn’t much of a big deal as I need my computer gear to heat the office but for 3/4 of the year it should help.

I still leave my desktop PC (and my lab server) powered on 100% of the time, since it’s doing too many jobs while I’m not using it:

  1. print server
  2. Foldershare “server”
  3. disk to disk backups
  4. Image backups
  5. laptop synch
  6. heating

When I get my gas central heating replaced in the spring I won’t need the extra heating so I will consider powering it down, and my lab server will move into – and heat – my wife’s garden office.

I’m looking forward to moving the lab server out of my office and into Debbie’s.  Without it my Office is essentially silent, it won’t be as hot in summer and I get high speed off site backup.

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