Credit Suisse – Case Study Note

Delivered by Steve Maytum – VP – End user platforms

  1. Today
    1. 54,000 managed XP desktop, two builds.  Modified the Gina to add a “borrow” button to RDP to a CPS environment or RDP to the users desktop PC,  this is similar to what CSC have done, but my modifying the GINA they have a solution that doesn’t force a locked session to logoff – nice!
    2. 15,000 managed laptops
    3. 4,500 applications
  2. Investing in
    1. 50 unmanaged PCs
    2. 300 thin client devices
    3. 3,200 virtual workstations
    4. 700 seamless published applications, 4,500 concurrent users
    5. 70 streamed apps
    6. Lots of Blackberries
  3. Investment banking is all about agility and power and speed of delivery, 140 changes a week
  4. Private banking is about protection of data and stability, 2 big changes a year
  5. Drivers
    1. Cost reduction
    2. Strategic sourcing
    3. Increasing remote offices
    4. Mobile and nomadic users
    5. Home working
    6. Availability of power and heat, green – in some building they are not able to deliver any more power to the buildings
    7. Business continuity
    8. Regulatory requirements
    9. What their peers are doing
    10. Consumer experience & user capability is driving a need to raise the bar
    11. Increase in technology capability
  6. Remote access security framework
    1. A NAC check provides control over what you have access to, using an SSL VPN –
    2. EPA Factory is used for the end point analysis
      1. Service pack
      2. AV running and have a signature that’s less than 2 weeks old
      3. Personal firewall running
      4. New version being developed to provide information on geographical location, whether they are at the PC console or remoting to it, checking for password protected screen savers
    3. Pass
      1. Access to your PC via RDP
      2. Local printing
      3. Line of business apps
      4. Long inactivity timer
    4. Fail
      1. Just access to email and office apps, plus a softphone
      2. Short inactivity timer
    5. Citrix Access Gateway – Advanced Edition sits behind an SSL VPN
    6. RSA SecureID
    7. Citrix web interface used
    8. Most users just use Citrix to provide access to their existing desktop PCs using RDP tunnelled through ICA
    9. They have lots of users apparently who bring in their personal laptops and rdp to their desktops
  7. Success so far
    1. 8,738 user connections a day
    2. After 6PM 1.26 years of work gets done every night
    3. At the weekend 3.33 years or work gets done
    4. Total of 500 years of productivity
    5. Peak usage is 9PM and 7000 users on a sunday
    6. Number 1 requested service
  8. End state
    1. Citrix PS desktop – 112 sessions per blade
    2. VDI desktop – 40 desktops per HP C Class blade
    3. Trader private blades
    4. SoftGrid for application streaming
    5. IGEL thin clients
    6. Traditional PCs with app streaming
    7. Thin offices
    8. Remote users
    9. Considering putting all the clients on a “dirty” network and do all client – data centre access over an SSL VPN
  9. Interesting point that I’ve made myself many times
    1. yesterday – business demand outstripped technology opportunity
    2. now – technology opportunity has exploded, way beyond business demand or even businesses availability to keep up

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