Rest and relax friday

20131013_082606000_iOSFor many years now I’ve not worked on Fridays, in fact I’ve tried to avoid all commitments and just take time for myself to rest and relax, its been one of the key strategies that I’ve used to restore my health.

Today though I had one commitment to take Anna to hospital for an appointment at 9:15 which meant I had just enough time for an hours reading in my cozy Caffe Nero window seat and time to treat Tessa by taking her to school as well.  Rather than waiting around at Hospital I spent a lovely hour walking around Preston Marina and listing to the ‘This week in Tech’ podcast which provides the best insight I know into what’s happening with consumer tech, and its funny too.

After dropping Anna back at school I drove to Cleveleys for brunch at Vincent’s Cafe and walked along the prom, listening to the BYOB podcast, which is the best source I know of for an insight into the home enthusiast computing culture — people who spend ridiculous amounts of time and money of home labs, gaming rigs, home theatre systems, home automation etc.  The podcast is interesting for me from a work perspective, but it also serves as a nice monthly reminder not to be seduced by home technology spending myself and over the 18 months I’ve been listening I don’t think I’ve spent anything home home tech!

I then went to see ‘The wolf of Wall Street’ at the superb VUE cinema which is in equal portion an intriguing and sickening film, superbly acted and just about right at 3 hours long.  Without describing the whole film the highlight for me was to see how the combination of a charismatic leader and money lust can take normal people and turn them into immoral, drug crazed, criminals who somehow convinced themselves that they were living the good life.

After the film I needed to take a walk along Rossall Beach  breathing in the clean crisp sea air, enjoying the sunset, listening to the waves and watching the sea fishermen.  I left much cleaner afterwards, I just wish those stock brokers had realised earlier what life is really about.

Now I’m taking my very poorly Jennie to hospital, not the best end to a good day

Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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