Gut instinct

2013-08-31 11.01.32Several years ago I noticed in the scientific literature the early signs of a trend that promised a revolution in general health could be achieved by managing our gut health.  At the time I made the prediction to my wife that gut health would rise to primacy over the next decade and so far this definitely seems to be the case with gut health and in particular a healthy gut flora already being linked to improvements in weight control, Diabetes, Cancer, myriad auto-immune conditions, Depression, Acne, Constipation, IBS and many more conditions.  I also mentioned my prediction to my daughters gastroenterologist who just looked at me like I was some new age crystal waving hippy, I just wish I’d taken out a big bet with him.

Personally I suspected that my gut health was pretty poor, partly because of my auto-immune conditions but also because the drugs I was on causing me to need way to many antibiotics, pain killers and a whole cocktail of other meds with gut comprising side effects. I’ve tried for years to improve things through eating more fibre, probiotics, drinking lots of water with no real results and plenty of expense.

About 9 months ago though I was listening to a drug company research podcast that described a new miracle drug for the gut based on Resistant Starch (a special type of fibre), which sounded promising but years away from production.  Resistant Starch it appears is a super-food for gut bacteria.  Later I learned that it was present in raw Potato and green Banana’s neither of which I fancied and then two months ago I discovered that raw unmodified Potato Starch is a great cheap source, and it’s very easy to take as it dissolves in water and is easy to add to a smoothie.  I’ve been having it every morning for a month now and all my gut symptoms have gone.  Hopefully I will see some or all of the longer term benefits as well.

Steve Richards

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