The snow line

IMG_5773I’m on my second day at Center Parcs, taking advantage of it’s off season prices and proximity to the Northern Lakes.  I got up early and after making myself a hearty fry up I headed to the Steamer Pier at Glenridding at the southern tip of Ullswater.

Yesterday I’d walked the upper third of the east shore and today after 30 minutes in the lovely Pier Cafe, with perfect views, I joined 20 other people in a small boat and ‘steamed’ up the lake to Howtown Pier.  From Howtown I walked back to Glenridding, completing the remaining 2/3 of the east shore (upper 1/3 yesterday) and it was magnificent.  The views of the lake, the snow topped mountains couldn’t be bettered.

I made superb time, leaving the other 20 walkers miles behind by the time I got back to the car park, maybe spurred on by the fascinating book I’m listening to,  An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, or maybe the euphoria of being pain free and in some of the best scenery in the world.  I decided that I would take a walk around Glenridding village and from there I looked up at the mountains and decided I needed to get closer.

After studying my trusty Outdoor iphone/ipad app I decided on a circular route that would take me to the snow line around Hellvellyn and I was so pleased I did, the views were just staggering, with the mountain almost totally covered in snow.  Unfortunately I took a wrong turn and ended up walking a long way past the branch I needed for the circular walk so I backtracked a little and walked back along the other side of the gorge.

IMG_5790Both walks were perfect for wet weather, the Ullwater walk only soaking my feet once and the second not at all, being a well maintained stony path most of the way.

I got back to Center Parcs feeling very pleased with myself and looking forward greatly to the 2500 calories that I still needed to eat, I’m baking bread, although I think I will constrain myself to a 1500 and save some extravagances for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’m planning the circular walk around Buttermere that’s been strongly recommended by Chris, I’ve been before but you can’t beat a classic walk, with good stony paths, especially on a rainy day [update I went to Haweswater instead to avoid the rain].

All the pictures from today’s walk can be found here



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  1. That walk up from Glenridding to Helvelyn is one of absolute favourites too. The views are magnificent.

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