2014-02-07 10.59.21I started with a cold on Tuesday, but I think the combination of not eating much and pushing myself hiking suppressed my immune system a bit and I seemed fine until last night (little sleep) and worse this morning (full on cold, fatigue and pain).  Still I was in a good mood as I packed up and headed home from Center Parcs, I was pleased be be coming home to see everyone, but also pleased that I’m back in 3 weeks time with lots more of the Lakes still to explore.

I’d hoped for one last hike today (Derwent Water) but any hope of that faded by about 2am this morning, so I decided to just pop into Kendal, which I’d been putting off for months (I don’t like driving into new places).  As I parked up by the river the sun came out and I was pleased I’d made the effort.  I walked along the river side and then looped up and around the Castle and ended up at the town centre, and Caffe Nero.

For one of the first times in many years now I didn’t process my email and scan my news feeds while on holiday, so I decided to do a quick check in Caffe Nero and I was pleased I did, because newly arrived was an email from bromptonEvans Cycles in Kendal saying my Brompton had arrived.  I rang them and they said it would be ready by the time I’d finished my cake and walked the 2 minutes down the road.  I’m very pleased with it, the burnished Bronze look frame, complements the Brooks saddle very nicely!

Even full of cold I was able to enjoy myself zipping through the town centre and back to the car, although my right knee was sore after yesterdays wild walking adventure.

When I got home I could see I’d been missed and spent an hour sorting out the backlog of washing and cleaning, but it was lovely to be home and give everyone a hug.  I’m hoping that Jennie can come with me for a few days next month at Centre Parc’s, I’m sure she will enjoy it and I might even get her to walk around Buttermere, but avoiding the climb up Dodd!

Pictures from Kendal are here

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