Lateral thinking

2014-02-08 18.15.29While I was away last week the water leak sensor on our washing machine activated.  Debbie and Anna struggled mightily to get the washing machine out from it’s snug little cave in the kitchen, apparently it took over an hour of hard work.  Debbie decided to leave the washing machine in the middle of the kitchen floor all week while she ran half a dozen loads through it and the sensor didn’t activate again so we decided to let it return to it’s cave, but how to make it easier to get out next time.

I decided to loop a length of old electric lawn mower cable around the back of the washer and duct take it to the sides, making loop handles from the cable which I taped to the top of the washer.  These allowed me to easily pull the washer out again as needed.  To get the washer back in I sat on the kitchen floor, back to the washer and braced my legs against the units on the other side of the kitchen. My legs weren’t long enough though so I had to extend them with a pile of books, but with a little help from Anna and Thom it was in.  Unfortunately it went in crooked, no problem I used my new handles to pull it level.  Once this washer is in it’s cave it’s always been a trial getting it out, when we first fitted a washer there I was 35, now I’m 50 I need a bit of assistance from lateral thinking!

Not being so keen of bodged solutions to problems Debbie wanted to get low level roller wheels to fit under the washer but the helpful guy at the appliances store in Cleveleys pointed out two issues, first not enough clearance (probably true) second the rollers dramatically reduce the washer stability during the spin cycle, so it would probably end it up the middle of the kitchen rather than staying in it’s cave.

Even though I’m feeling pretty rough today and full of cold I’m already missing the Lake District, so Chris very kindly brought round a whole collection of books to help me prepare for my next trip.  He was either inspired by adventures last week or despaired at my poor planning.  Probably the latter as he spent years working for me as a project manager, so he knows first hand just how disorganised I can be when I’m not highly motivated.  Debbie was particularly impressed by how well worn the Wainwright pictorial guides were, out of interest I checked prices on Amazon and second hand copies were more expensive than new ones!

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