There’s something special about exercise

PICT0294As I crested the first peak on my laboured ascent of Cat Bells I noticed two red specks in the distance approaching the scramble to the peak.  I continued upwards at q pretty good pace (pain free today) and they didn’t seem to be moving very fast.  Eventually at the scramble I past them, taking a different route, and then waited at the top to make sure they were ok.  They managed it fine, but slow, and as we chatted they said:

We’ve just been talking about people like you, skipping up the trail without a worry in the world, that used to be us 20 years ago

It transpired that they were now in their 80’s and were taking a longer route than me! I can only dream of being able to make that climb when I’m that old, regardless of the pace, and I told them so which brought a smile to their faces.  They were a lovely couple, incredibly knowledgeable of the area and they gave me plenty of tips and suggestions for future walks.  I thought it was ironic that they managed that walk better than I sometimes manage the flat walk down the road into town, but I left them thinking that I was some kind of ultra-fit mountain goat. 

Thoughts naturally went to my Mum who’s 70 and thinks nothing of cycling 50 miles in a day and often much more.  There’s something about a love of exercise that keeps people coming back for more for as long as they are able, and they seem to stay able for a long time.

PICT0307I’ve never been to Derwent Water before and I guess it’s no surprise that I loved it.  After climbing Cat Bells my knee was pretty sore so I decided that more climbing didn’t make sense as I still have 2 more days here and didn’t want to risk them.  So I took the branching path that led down to the southern tip of the lake and then walked the shore hugging path back to the car park. Then I took the car into Keswick and scouted out the car park for the walk tomorrow around the whole lake shore.  I liked the Town too, very quaint with a good range of shops for window shopping and some nice cafes.  I had a bacon barm at the cafe in the park although I might try Graham’s suggestion of the Dandelion Cafe tomorrow.

On my drive home I discovered a very nice cafe at Booths supermarket in Penrith, I bought some frozen peas for my knee and I’m now sitting with my leg up and iced while I type this post and plan tomorrows adventures.

Jennie stayed at Center Parcs as she wasn’t feeling too good and when I got back she regaled me with tales of the ducks that managed to creep into the apartment when she wasn’t looking.  I think she did more flapping than they did trying to get them out again!

All the pictures from todays walk can be found here

I’ve got to go, the home backed breads ready – yum!

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