Daily Archive: March 26, 2014

Eating Your Own Dog Food.

Joel, writes up an interesting example of NOT eating your own dog food, (ie using the IT solutions you are developing yourself), until it was almost too late:

Eating your own dog food is the quaint name that we in the computer industry give to the process of actually using your own product. I had forgotten how well it worked, until a month ago, I took home a build of CityDesk (thinking it was about 3 weeks from shipping) and tried to build a site with it.

Phew! There were a few bugs that literally made it impossible for me to proceed, so I had to fix those before I could even continue. All the testing we did, meticulously pulling down every menu and seeing if it worked right, didn’t uncover the showstoppers that made it impossible to do what the product was intended to allow. Trying to use the product, as a customer would, found these showstoppers in a minute.

And not just those. As I worked, not even exercising the features, just quietly trying to build a simple site, I found 45 bugs on one Sunday afternoon. And I am a lazy man, I couldn’t have spent more …

Improving Project Status Reporting

Project status reporting tends to focus on progress, cost and time.  These are the hard measures of a projects status and I’ve described some of the issues with them in this recent post.  This post is concerned with the soft issues. Although projects are made up of people it’s rare...

Where Has All My Knowledge Gone?

I’m working on some ‘what I’ve learned in the last 10 years’ posts this month.  They draw on the long history of my personal knowledge management (PKM) archive, but unfortunately it’s decayed even faster than my aging brain. All the systems that I’ve used at work for personal knowledge management...