Just Walking, No Car Required

2013-08-02 10.16.38Another misty day at Filey, but strangely I’ve not minded at all.  In fact the limited visibility has made me appreciate Robin Hobbs masterful storytelling all the more, the cool air has made walking easier and the glimpses of views from the cliffs all the more magnificent.

I woke early and walked around the little cliff side village of Primrose Valley, the bungalows that rise off Flat Cliffs road have intrigued me for decades.  Although there is some erosion of the cliffs these bungalows are probably a hundred years away from danger and have truly inspiring views.  I was surprised to see some of them for sale for less than £250k.  I walked a long way south along the beach, walking a few feet from the sea and dodging the waves before returning to the site to spend a couple of hours at Starbucks reading and writing.

The rest of the day I spent walking north along the beach and cliffs and listening to my book with a couple of reading stops at the Country Park Cafe.  There are new owners and it was interesting to hear the son (manager) bickering with his parents over their desire for what he considered clutter, I sided with the son.  The book I’m listening to is amazing, it’s completely transported me into another world and explored in rich detail so many issues of life, including:

  • The excitement and trepidation associated with significant change
  • The ease with which one can become seduced by an easy life which then prevents you from embracing an interesting life
  • True friendship
  • The nature of loyalty and duty
  • The differing perspectives of master and servant and the evils of slavery

imageand so much more.  I’ve read many thousands of pages of Robin Hobb over the last few years, but listening to Nick Taylor read Fools Errand is a remarkable experience, on a par with the King Killer Chronicles which I consider to be one of my top 3 literary experiences.

On my weary way back to the camp site I was thrilled to see three para-gliders jumping off the cliff top just south of the site, it looked like they were having great fun.  I love to watch the kite surfers on my beach back home so this was a nice reminder.

I’ve been reminded on this holiday how much I value not using a car when I’m on holiday, being able to step out of the door and just walk.  When I was in the Lakes the last couple of months every walk was an hour away from my holiday home, this makes such a difference.

I’ve been testing my legs these last few days, after so many weeks of hobbling around I think they are ready for a decent walk tomorrow, so I’m planning to walk to Scarborough and then get the bus back.  This will be the reverse of a wonderful walk I did with Debbie last year, I’m missing her this week, so it will be a lovely reminder.

The picture is a view from the cliff top walk from Filey to Scarborough that I did with Debbie last year.  When I see this sign I will be very pleased, because I’m almost there.

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