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2014-06-11 07.18.13I’m a big fan of “How I Work” articles and books, they are some of my favourite reads,  for example Inc Magazine has a recurring feature and Lifehacker has their This Is How I Work Series, I even have one of my own.  Reading these articles regularly enforces the point that  while everyone works differently, we can all learn from each other.  At work we have the concept of a work styles, which aren’t prescriptive working practices but are patterns that allow us to provide the right tools and share best practices for certain types of work, mobility and collaboration styles.  I was promoted to write this post by this great quote by Jesse Noyes:

Don’t force others’ work habits on yourself. Take the ideas you like. Between now and next year they’ll probably be dozens of books telling us how we should all work. My advice: Do what works and makes it easier for others to work with you.

The point he makes do what makes it easier for others to work with you is just perfect.

This blog post is one of my shortest ever because I’m weighed down by crushing fatigue due to steroid withdrawal.  It’s given me a new perspective on chronic fatigue syndrome!  The photo today is of St Annes’ beach, taken from the prom as I walked to Caffe Nero this morning.

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