My Ninth Blog Post: Tablet PC Related Software I Still Use


This is the last in my series of posts looking back at my first few blog posts.

This Ninth post is notable only because of the software that I used to use and really like 11 years ago, the only app that I still use is Office, although it’s now Office 2013 rather than Office 2003.  That’s not altogether surprising though since I no longer use a Windows Tablet, onto the post:

Tablet PC related Software I still use.

I have played around with pretty much all of the software, but not much of it has survived the several rebuilds I have done for various purposes, eg HD upgrades, beta tests etc.  This is what’s left.

So why did these survive:

Zinio survives because in my enthusiasm I went and subscribed to a couple of magazines.  My feeling is that its not quite there.  Its a bit slow, the TC1100 screen size is a bit too small, and the 1024*768 resolution a bit too low.  In addition it does not maximise correctly, if you have your task bar at the top of the screen as I do.

Top Desk is a real find.  Its a bit of freeware, that sits in your tray and when you click it it shows you all of the shortcuts on your desktop.  if you are anything like me you have far to many applications to fit on the Start menu, so this provides much more room.  If you are ultra-tidy it also lets you hide everything from your desktop, which makes you look very organised.  Its particular good in my view because on a low resolution screen I have no room for all of the additional toolbars that I used to display when I had a laptop with a 1400*1050 screen.

MyIE2 survives because of the tabs.  It allows me launch say 20 different IE windows as I am browsing through my blog entries, and then just click through them later.  Its also great when I am doing research.  I find the tabs so much better on the tablet than trying to navigate so many windows in the taskbar or a taskbar group.

Ultramon is essential if you use your tablet with two displays

I started being really organised with OneNote, with a very complex folder hierarchy.  I am just not that organised.  Now I just have a daily log and a few research areas.  I find it has lots of limitations that have been discussed already.  But used simply and regularly I have found it very useful.  I would not have paid for OneNote but I get it free.

Virtual CD Control tool.  Well I don’t have a CD drive when I am mobile, but I can use this tool to mount an ISO image whenever I need one.  Another good freeware find.

I already had Mind Manager,  I tried the tablet PC version, and thought it was great, but the upgrade costs were just too high.

Office 2003.  I use it extensively for reviewing and don’t have too many problems, except that inking at the edge of the screen is a bit hit and miss when using comments.  I have just started looking at the Image printer and Image viewer, the ink support in the viewer seems really good at first glance.

Journal, because its installed by default.  I do find it useful though for marking up stuff that I printed to it.

of course I use loads of other SW, but this is the main stuff that’s Tablet related

I’m writing this post in Caffe Nero Lytham (pictured), I came by car because it’s raining, unfortunately it’s Debbie’s car because mine has a flat battery again! I slept through the night for the first time in a month today, the itching rash on my legs seems to be improving and the condition of the skin (ravaged by inflammation for weeks) is improving too, what a relief!

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