Leaving Home

2014-09-02 11.55.26

After several activity packed weeks I decided that today needed to be home based, wandering around St Annes and pottering around the garden.  I’ve been sun-bathing, writing, weeding, cleaning, washing and reading, it’s been bliss.  Unfortunately now that we’ve finished our evening meal (Lewis got to enjoy his 18th Birthday cake) and I’ve completed a mammoth washing up session it’s time to leave home and take Stephie to the Hilton Hotel at Manchester airport so that she’s ready for her 4am departure to Amsterdam. 

I never feel good when my kids leave home for even days at a time, but months is something altogether more emotional.  Still I’m gradually getting better at coping.  I’m doing the driving tonight which is literally a pain, because I’ve had a bad headache for the last few hours.  I’m looking forward to this day being over now, so that I can focus on looking forward to seeing Steph at the end of September for her birthday.

The photo is from shortly before Steph’s last departure for Japan, when I was taking a short break in Hull with her.  Steph was born in Hull and she wanted to reminisce, I was happy to oblige as Hull is one of my favourite cities.

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