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Last night Debbie and I took Steph to Manchester Airport’s Hilton Hotel and she left the UK at about 7am after waking at 4am.  I did the driving and started with a migraine just before we left which meant that I needed to take my ‘survive the worst’ cocktail of cocodamol 30/500’s and two cans of Red Bull.  The cocodamol fixes the headache, the Red Bull overcomes of drowsiness from the cocodamol and the late hour. 

It’s a tried and tested formula, it works, but it means I’m wide awake when I’m meant to be going to sleep and I’m exhausted the next day, so despite rising early and going to Caffe Nero being my most precious habit, I switched the alarm off and slept in until 9am.  I  did still pop into town and walk past Caffe Nero in the hope of a good seat, but it was not to be and I had to content myself with a walk and some shopping and reading at home.

I’ve spent most of the day on two contrasting tasks.  Fixing up Steph’s old laptop, replacing the keyboard, several super-glue repairs, cleaning and upgrading to Windows 10.  Given the hammering it’s had over the last 3 years, first as my carry laptop and then travelling all over the world with Steph it’s in remarkably good shape, it’s still a bit damaged, but it will make a good spare. 

My second task of the day has been fixing up the garden, neglected for a couple of weeks, the grass needed cutting and edging, lots of weeding was in order and much general tidying, sweeping and pruning.  The garden too is now looking in pretty good shape and I’m pleased to see my first ever crop of runner beans doing very well, they should provide us with enough for a months evening meals.  Unfortunately my Royal Kale isn’t doing so well, but I’ve cut it back and will be treating for powdery mildew tomorrow, fortunately the Curly Kale and all the other greens are doing splendidly. 

Coincidently given my mildew problem with the Kale I’ve been listening to a podcast with the author of the website Surviving Mould, which seems to be a bigger issue than I imagined.  We have two air purifiers in our house which I hope pull any mould spores out of the air, but just in case I went to work on the small patches of mould in the bathroom shower and that’s looking better than ever now.

Finally I’ve been reading the latest Reacher novel Make Me, which is a classic, that doesn’t mean it’s a great book, but it’s true to the character and that’s good enough for me, Reacher is a favourite of mine!

Debbie’s not been well today, I found her asleep on the sofa this morning.  She’d sat down there due to a dizzy spell and fallen back to sleep.  She’s gradually recovered enough to walk into town, but she still looks poorly.  We are watching our current TV show Stargate Atlantis tonight, which should cheer her up.

The photo today is from my walk this morning through St Annes park, while I waited in vain for me beloved window seat to come free in Caffe Nero, sadly it was not to be.

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