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Since I’ve been retired I’ve been very active, I might even say ‘busy’ but not busy enough to stop me washing my car.  I did it today for the second time in the last couple of months, which is probably more than I’d previously managed in the last two decades.  I’d not really appreciated it before, but there’s something quite nice about always having a clean car.

I had good news today, I got my Well Man test results back and my blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and tri-glycerides are all on the low side of normal.  Actually my blood glucose is slightly low, but it always has been.  There’s no reason for me to expect bad results, but it’s always nice to have good results confirmed.  I sneaked Debbie in to get her Well Woman tests done too, hoping her’s are as good.

We heard from Steph today for the first time from Amsterdam, she’s finally got internet access, but no phone SIM yet.  She’s settled into her fancy new accommodation, which is created from shipping containers, of all things, which means it’s very spacious and even has a balcony.

Not everything is great though, I’ve got a sore throat, so I’m popping zinc lozenges in the hope that they will shorten it’s duration.  Fortunately while it’s annoying it’s not causing me much of a problem.

Finally Debbie and I finished season 1 of Stargate Atlantis.

The photo today is of St Annes’ promenade gardens, a great place to walk

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