A Day Of Grumbles

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Last night my alarm clock’s radio switched on all by itself, three times, between around midnight and 2am!  The last time it switched on I noticed it humming in tune with my iPhone, so my hypothesis is that the iPhone was too close to the radio’s relay switch and was somehow inducing a current in it, sufficient to switch it on, this may be rubbish, but is there a better explanation out there?  Anyway exhausted I tramped down stairs and put the phone in the dock in my study and there it will stay from now on.

The second grumble was that all this disruption woke me up and I struggle to go back to sleep after waking up like this. My only option is to go through my night time wind down process all over again. So it was an hour later when I dragged myself back up to bed and then I slept fine.

The third grumble was waking up with a slightly worsening sore throat (which started the previous day) and an accompanying level of exhaustion and pain that was reminiscent of a very heavy cold, that’s most likely what I’ve got but being immune suppressed I often get a very mild cough or cold but with exaggerated exhaustion and pain.  It only really hit me how bad I was feeling when I tried to go out for a walk with Paul, my legs felt like lead, quite a contrast to the bouncy feeling I’ve been enjoying for the last few months.

More grumbles were still to come when my new laptop arrived, a shiny ThinkPad x240, which lasted about 10 minutes until I’d determined that it had to be returned.  First because it was an i3/non-IPS model when it was sold as an i5/IPS one and second because it had a horrendous trackpad with integrated mouse buttons, it felt like trying to click the buttons through a later of bubble-wrap (the new model goes back to separate, dedicated mouse buttons).  So that laptop’s now packaged up and ready to go to the post office tomorrow.  Worse still I’d bough a battery for it that I can’t return, so this experiment with an eBay bargain that really was to good to be true, turned out to have cost me £40.

Finally it’s raining and I need to drag myself out to the hospital to wait far too long on a stuffy room to see a specialist that I’m not fond of and he didn’t disappoint, he’s always rushing, completely disinterested in me as a person and totally focused on prescribing drugs. Oh the joys of a grumbly day.

All that said there’s been some literal and figurative sunshine in my day as well.  Despite waking up late I still managed to get my favourite window seat at Caffe Nero and chill out nicely there.  I had a good walk and chat with Paul.  Also most impressively, I requested a free support call from Apple, they rang me back 20 seconds later and kindly reset my authorised 5 apple device limit, even though I’d only done it a few months before (needed because of a comedy of errors resulted in 4 devices being lost so far as apple was concerned).  Finally I got to eat dinner with Debbie and enjoy some great TV (Stargate Atlantis).

The photo is of Lytham Green’s wind mill, the scene of today’s walk.

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