Patching the lawn


I'm writing this post on my iPad, it's an experiment to see if I can work successfully without my laptop. If I can then I won't be taking it on holiday with me, when I'm travelling light, for example when I take the megabus to Amsterdam in Septamber. I'm using blogsy, to write the post, after several attempts to find alternatives hit dead ends or turned out to be too complex. I'm basically looking to recreate the simplicity of posting in Windows Live Writer.

Anyway, I'm feeling much better today, my cold is fading & my mood has improved. I've been out photographing St Annes in the morning & listening to podcasts, but this afternoon I've done some useful work. For some reason my lawn is very patchy, there are lots of potential reasons, but my first step at resolving the problem is to rake out all the dead patches & re-seed them. Gardeners suggest covering the re-seeded areas with cotton to stop the birds feasting on the seeds, but I'm hoping that the cats do that job for me, they must be useful for something after all.

Raking is incredibly hard work! So many times I had to fight with myself to force completion, half of me kept trying to vehemently convince me to give up for the day. But in the end the job got done, I mowed the lawn to tidy it up & then used the large bag of Miracle Grow Re-seeding Mix, that Amazon had kindly delivered. Even though half the lawn was re-seeded I only used 3/4 of the bag. Just as I was finishing up the rain really poured, which was perfect timing & after the shower a few patches needing extra seed were revealed.

Since I'm having yet another lazy day at home I also took the advantage of a nap, which I love, which was much needed as this cold has really left me exhausted. I also managed a quick cycle ride to test out myself & the bike ready for my circuit of the Guild Wheel on Sunday with Chris.


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