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Debbie and I are in Nottingham today, one of the four places that we’ve lived for more than a year and as a result it feels like home.  We lived here for our three university years, which were amazing, so it’s always a joy to come back, and I often do, this is my second short break here this year.

A few years ago, I discovered the canal network here and now every time I visit, weather permitting, I like to walk it end to end and also do the connecting river bank walk.  It’s a long walk, but it’s worth it, and pick the month right and blackberries provide the fuel, they were slightly sour today.

Today started the way I like every day to start, with a great breakfast and then after a short walk a couple of hours in Caffe Nero.  I met Debbie (not a cafe person) back at the hotel and from there I retraced my steps back past Caffe Nero and then on to the canal. 

It didn’t disappoint, the mix of tranquil waterway, posh offices and apartments, light industry, wildlife, narrow boats and blackberries is hard to beat.  I love to see life in action and there’s always plenty going on walking a canal.  After a couple of hours we’d walked enough (well Debbie had) but then shortly after a deep weariness came over me and I deserted Debbie to go back to the hotel for a snack and a nap, after which I awoke nicely refreshed.

I popped out again, planning to find another Caffe Nero to write this diary entry and catch up on the online world, but it was raining so I stayed in the excellent Costa Coffee in the hotel which was very comfortable, even if the music’s not up to the easy listening standard that I’m used to, it was nice to have a change.

One of the things that I’m researching is how to save my Kindle highlights to Evernote, in the same way that I do my Instapaper highlights, seems to be the best option so far, but I’m going to start by giving the free version a try, before I subscribe to the £1.29 option, which is more powerful. 

I’m winding up this entry now, Debbie and I are going to walk around the Arboretum where I like to think we fell in love, at least I did, it’s a must visit, then it’s dinner and more Stargate Atlantis, which never gets old.

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