Watching The Sun Rise

2015-09-01 06.27.06

Swimming is starting to become a habit, I added another two lengths, so I’m up at 18 now and although my shoulders are sore they are coping. My legs continue to be really, really sore when I’m walking up and down stairs, but I’m swimming better and they are stronger cycling.

One of the best advantages of getting up early is seeing the sunrise from the prom, today’s picture is a good example, it really sets me up well for the day.

I normally spend a good hour every morning in Caffe Nero on my laptop, tapping away on various routine admin activities, scanning my RSS feeds etc. but now that I’m swimming and cycling I’ve started to just take my bum bag with iPad, much lighter and actually more fun, although it doesn’t ‘kill’ as much time, which provides extra motivation to get a decent cycle ride in.

Today’s cycle ride was into Blackpool, I parked up on the front and walked straight to what the kids call the ‘sausage barm shop’, well today it was the ‘egg and bacon barm shop’ and it was fantastic.  This is the first time I’ve had a bacon barm from there since I started eating egg yolks, what have I been missing all these years! 

No trip to Blackpool would be complete without popping into the library to read the magazines and this time from the varied selection I picked Men’s Health, which was excellent and New Scientist which didn’t inspire me this week.

I had a tail wind home, snapped a new more photo’s and was soon laid out and napping. The rest of the afternoon was filled with doing the washing, reading and preparing for tomorrows activities.

I’m meeting Thom’s family tomorrow which I’m really looking forward to, we are walking around the park and having lunch in the cafe.  Later I’m meeting Graham for a river walk – quite a special day.

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