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Although the weather’s been a bit blustery and chilly when the clouds came over, today’s been a wonderfully warm social time.  The day started as it almost does with me saying goodbye to a sleepy Debbie to come downstairs and feed the hungry cats, before heading out on my bike for a sunrise decorated ride along the prom to swimming.  Swimming itself is solitary but now it’s topped and tailed by an increasingly friendly time as I start to get to know the early morning regulars and we chat while changing or enjoying a steam, sauna or Jacuzzi.  Then it’s off to Caffe Nero to spend time with another set of regulars, today the topic of conversation as we waited for the doors to open was the beauty of the sunrises, a good opportunity to show off my photo’s.

Next up was a lovely drive to Lancashire with Anna, Thom and Debbie, followed by a picnic in Williamson Park, with it’s stunning views over Morecambe Bay.  We were joined at the picnic by Thom’s grandparents Hilary and Bob and Mary (a family friend) and her 18 month old daughter Katie.  I’m a sucker for little kids, but Katie was still a little too nervous of strangers to have much fun playing.  All Thom’s family seem very welcoming and friendly, I had a lovely time.

Once the picnic broke up I got Anna all to myself for the walk into Lancaster before I broke off from the party to meet Graham for our monthly walk, chat and cafe visit. Today’s walk was along the Wyre and then up to the base of Nicky Nook, down to the lake and then to the Apple Store Cafe which had the most fabulous greenhouses which are now turned over to seating space, although we had our food outside.  The cafe provided the perfect opportunity for Graham to talk about his career plans and for me to talk about my smallholding scenario, greenhouses will play a big part in that if it every comes to pass.  Graham had a lot to contribute to the smallholding discussion as his Mum and Dad are both avid vegetable growers!

When I got home I was handed a letter that Tessa’s ‘boyfriend’ had written us, it was a very touching letter and I felt so pleased that he had felt so at home during his time with our family.  Sadly the letter was prompted by their recent breakup, which might still be fixed, fingers crossed!

A life filled to the brim with friends and family like this is pretty glorious, I feel very lucky, although it would become a bit exhausting if it was quite so busy everyday.

Just jumping back to Caffe Nero for a moment, one of the staff there is really into meditation and we got to talking about retreats, she’s very enthusiastic about the ones she’s been on and has fired up my enthusiasm to go on at least a short course.  She’s suggested some locations, the most impressive of which – and closest – is the Ulverston Meditation Centre.

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