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2015-09-08 11.56.03

My day started better than it ended.  After a difficult night trying to get to sleep I switched off the alarm and enjoyed a lovely lie in until about 8am, and then went for a leisurely bike ride before camping out at the Beach Terrace Cafe for a couple of hours before my gym session.  Today was a lower-body workout and Tom pushed me hard, mostly with weighted lunges, squats and sit-ups.  I’m not used to this kind of intensity, but it is invigorating to be challenged and survive, we will see how I feel tomorrow though. 

I needed to get home by 12 today and stay home because of home visits, which made for a relaxing afternoon.  The first job was to get some old corroding aluminium patio chairs and table collected by Fylde Recycling, that went without a hitch, next up was the delivery of the wood for all of my raised beds – very pleased, finally a visit by Direct Windows to estimate the cost of the extension that I’ve been keen on.  Unfortunately this didn’t end up being cost effective, because the 40% off deal had ‘small print’ that rendered it non-applicable to my circumstances and without the discount it’s a no-go.  It’s a shame, but I’m already over it, we’ve lived without the convenience of a utility room for 20 years, I’m sure we can cope, especially as the kids gradually depart and we get more space in the kitchen as a result. 

Finally I’ve been preparing for the arrival of my new travel laptop/tablet tomorrow.  I’m in two minds about whether to clean install Windows 10 Pro, or upgrade the existing copy of Windows 8.1.  I will be deciding based on how likely it is that I will be happy with it and I won’t know that until tomorrow.  I’m quite excited, but always nervous about PCs that I’ve not setup myself from scratch.

I found out today that the hiking weekend that we tentatively planned with the guys from work is definitely going ahead, we have a 4 person room at a total cost of £38/night, it’s going to be interesting, we will be enjoying the delights of The Forest Of Bowland on the 9th-10th October, no doubt testing out our wet weather gear!

Finally it’s Debbie’s second day teaching and she’s over the moon, she loves working with the kids and has worked very hard to create really engaging lessons, everyone seems to be impressed, apart from me that is, she’s just meeting, my admittedly high, expectations!

Today’s photo is from Tuesday’s walk along the Chorley canal with Matt

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