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I’ve had a really great day today, full of pottering activity.  As I’ve very fond of saying there’s nothing so satisfying as progress, even if it comes in small packages.

Today started late again as I’m still waking up without an alarm clock, mainly because I’m struggling to get to sleep due to withdrawing from my sleep meds.  Waking later is no hardship though because I’m unable to swim due to my shoulder still playing up a bit from an ‘accident’ in the swimming pool at the start of the week.  This means that I’m cycling and then going to Beach Terrace Cafe, which is a lovely change from Caffe Nero, albeit slightly more expensive and less friendly.  After Beach Terrace Cafe I did another short ride and then headed home for Amazon delivery day.

I didn’t have to rush though because the deliveries arrived really late, in fact it’s 8pm and they still haven’t all arrived.  Still I’m chilled, having written a blog post all about compassion today, I can’t really get angry can I?  One of the deliveries is a new USB keyboard, exactly like my Bluetooth one, except for the fact that every key press is now registering, my spelling is just as bad as it ever was of course, but at least the missing letters are all my fault now.

The other main delivery was my new travel laptop/tablet, which is sitting beside be now, silently upgrading itself to Windows 10.  First impressions are excellent, although it’s a little slow, but I knew that before I bought it.  I’ve been careful to keep all of the packaging though just in case it needs to go back.  I’ve made good use of Amazon’s superb customer support today, returning a 3 month old vacuum cleaner for a full refund due to a fault, I’ve replaced it with a slightly more expensive and hopefully robust model.  I really love Amazon, it’s allowed me to shop for most everything I need without browsing and driving and the service is second to none, I still buy from eBay but only when Amazon fails me.

Amongst the dozens of other little jobs that I’ve done today I’ve been treating all the wood I’ve had delivered, ready for making my raised beds, soaking the cut ends in preservative is key to longevity. 

I really am surprising myself in how much I’m enjoying days full of simple household activity, when I first retired I seemed to feel the need to always be out hiking and travelling, but now I’m settling into a simpler, slower pace of life, it’s nice!

I picked today’s photo of Swansea to remind myself of the joys of travelling, not that I really need a reminder as I’m away next week.

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