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2013-02-02 12.53.10A few days ago I hurt my shoulder trying to avoid an elderly person who was unable to swim in a straight line in the pool (compassion).  As a result I’ve not been able to swim for most of the week and most every task involving my arms causes a nasty twinge, last night trying to push myself up out of the bath my shoulder gave way, I fell back into the bath and a tidal wave of water departed it, to cover the whole floor.  Luckily I was quick with the towels and all is well.  The end result though was no swimming again for me today, but a relaxed morning in the Beach Terrace Cafe playing with my new laptop/tablet hybrid and my first impressions are very good – I’m using it now.

Annoyingly though the USB key and Micro-SD card that I need to finish setting it up, both due to arrive yesterday, still haven’t arrived today.  A quick chat with Amazon support resulted in profuse apologies, a years free Amazon Prime, the order being cancelled and a new order raised that hopefully will arrive tomorrow, giving me just enough time to set things up before I head off to Filey on Monday.  The cost of the laptop, less the cost of Amazon Prime for a year, is now running at less than £150, sweet!

The rest of the day has been cleaning (trying out the new mini vacuum cleaner) and finishing off preserving the last few planks of wood for my raised beds.  It’s been a lazy, but dissatisfying day really because not only did the Amazon stuff not arrive, I forgot about the trip to the meditation centre open day, I bailed on a trip to the cinema (to wait in for Amazon) and it’s been raining.  Still we are watching Stargate Atlantis soon, all well that ends well!

Today’s photo is a random pick, from a lovely walk along the Manchester canal from a few years ago, when Debbie and I walked from the centre to the Quays.  Jennie is in Manchester today with Jon, hence the tenuous link, but the real reason for this pic is that I have very few photos on this laptop right now.

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