Whipped And Bruised

2015-09-13 19.31.30

I woke nice and early today but my shoulder is still not in swimming form so I went out on a nice long bike ride, taking the back roads past the high school to Lytham, proceeding along Green Drive and then cycling back along the millionaires prom onto Lytham green and then home.  For most of the ride I didn’t see a sole, but those that I did meet sang out a friendly ‘’”good morning” or at least they did in reply to mine, that is except the people on the millionaires prom, who greeted me with a grim look and stony silence, being rich obviously isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

I dropped my bike off at home and walked to the Beach Terrace Cafe, spent an hour there, before walking along our beach and then back through town to home.  I wanted to get back early (before Debbie left for church at 10:30) just in case Amazon finally delivered, they did, but at 13:30.  Still that gave me plenty of time to make a couple of raised beds.  These are the prototypes and I’m using them to finalise my design, although I’m very happy with them already.

While drilling and assembling the beds I was happily listening to podcasts, happily that is until the headphone fell out of my ear, was snagged by the drills chuck, ripped out of the iPhone and then it proceeded to viciously whip my stomach a few hundred times before I came to my senses and stopped drilling.  Ironically shortly before I did this to myself, Anna had managed to sprain a muscle in her back, so she was lying on her bed covered in bags of frozen peas, I laid out on my sofa on the conservatory and covered by stomach in frozen lunchbox coolers.  My stomach is still sore, but the swelling has gone down and it could have been MUCH worse, a good lesson to learn.

My new toy now has it’s 128GB SD card installed and DropBox is busy doing it’s magic, hopefully the 80GB will be synched up before I leave tomorrow for Filey,. I’m not going until lunchtime though because we are having our lawn assessed by Green Thumb for at least a years treatment to tend it back to health.  I’m at Filey for a full seven days, so I’m also taking a nice selection of TV with me, I’m particularly looking forward to re-watching the first season of Fringe, one of my favourite shows, I’m currently watching Stargate Atlantis for the third time with Debbie and it just gets better so I’m hoping Fringe lends itself to multiple viewings too!

My afternoon TV show today was The House That £100K Built, a really refreshing series, more positive and imaginative than Grand Designs and houses that are much more modest.  My favourite Grand Designs are always the ones where the owners do much of the work themselves, and all of these builds follow that pattern, to keep the costs down.  it’s a really inspiring series, it makes me smile to be doing my little building project (raised beds) while watching it.  I’ve always wanted to build my own home, but these programs have well and truly put me off, garden projects provide the perfect alternative, something to be proud of, without killing me off early.

Today’s picture is of the end of St Annes beach taken on my evening walk tonight, a lovely reminder of the views I’m leaving behind tomorrow, I love visiting Filey, but I’m always glad to return.

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