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I’m very relieved to be back home, it’s been a tough week, being in a place that I normally love but feeling a sense of deep despair and depression isn’t easy.  especially difficult is the disconnect between how I’m feeling and how I should be feeling and that disconnect continued once I got home, there’s no quick fix.  Anyway it’s easier to bear this feeling of depression surrounded by my family and home.  I noticed this morning that I was actually feeling quite good, and now I reflect on it most mornings I felt ok.  I suppose the meds, at their low dose, are highest in my blood in the morning, but as the day progressed I felt worse.  having come home a day early I was pleased to get to see Jennie before she heads down south for a week and spend time with Anna this afternoon.

There’s little to write about today, I woke about seven and having packed the car last night was leaving by eight.  I went straight to my cafe at the country park and had a lovely last breakfast there, followed by a short hike down to the beach and back.  I left at nine for home.  The drive back was easy and quiet and I listened to The Collectors by Philip Pullman, a short story that seems to be a taster for a new book coming soon that links our world with the alternative universe he created in his previous books, I enjoyed it.

When I got home, the first thing I did was to install Windows Media Centre back onto Windows 10, using this hack  I’m it’s biggest fan and despite trying alternatives, it’s still the best basic media centre for PCs.  The others might be fancier, but for my needs not as effective.  So far it works perfectly and it’s a shame Microsoft dumped it.

I went for a cycle ride at home and enjoyed it so much more,  I can go up the hills here easier in fourth gear on my town bike, compared to first gear on my Brompton, what a difference!  I also watered the back lawn with diluted washing up liquid, to start to address the dry patches that have developed.

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