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I am feeling so much better, it’s almost difficult to imagine how bad I was only a few days ago, but that’s obviously the difference that being on a low stable dose of meds does to my brain rather than a declining one!  Mum is over for two days and she’s a very keen cyclist so we designed the day around her.  I used one of my guest passes so that we could both go swimming, then we went to the Beach Terrace Cafe for breakfast.  Mum ordered scrambled eggs and extra toast and I assumed she was carb loading because they served he up six pieces of toast, I’d never seen her eat so much, but in the end it was two more than she wanted, about right.  Then we did a quick stop off at the doctors for my blood test and flu jab, every year the needles seem to be finer and hurt less.

After the doctors we cycled to Cleveleys against a strong head wind.  Mum only seems to have one speed, regardless of the wind and the hills and it was all I could do to keep up with her on the way.  Although on the way back I was sprinting with the wind and leaving her behind, she likes it steady, I like the fun.  On one smooth straight stretch on the run into Blackpool I managed 30mph up a slight hill, I was very pleased with myself.  At Cleveleys we stopped off at Cafe Cove, I had my usual bacon and eggs and mum had a cake, after which we walking the length of the prom and into Aldi to check out the cycling gear and buy some chocolate rice cakes, I resisted both.

The ride home was really great fun and very invigorating, although I was tired by the time it was over and had a nap after a few chores.  Tess and Mum had a lovely chat in the garden, soaking up the sun.  Lewis arrived later to introduce himself to Mum and Mum and I watched the excellent Julia Bradbury in Episode 3 of The Wonders of Britain – Our Coastal Story.  Lewis tells me he’s keen to go walking soon, I offered up the Lakes this weekend, but that’s a bit too soon apparently.

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