I Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

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Every 8 months I go to the dentist and hold my breath, I worry that I’m going to loose another tooth or that I’ve got some other serious problem.  The last time I visited he told me my gums were receding and that I might need some kind of coating to be applied to protect the exposed roots.  I shuddered at the thought of what this might entail as I recalled having a tooth removed a few years ago by a new dentist who managed to crack it in my gum and then spend a horrific 30 minutes trying to chip and pry it out, I’m scarred for life by the experience.  Anyway today was all smooth sailing, my teeth are better than last time, I have only one filling on the ‘watch list’ and the receding gums are recovering, phew!

My morning didn’t start with the dentist though it started with the intention to wake up later and go to Caffe Nero for a change.  I’ve been waking at about 1am recently and unable to sleep I have to come down stairs and watch a TV documentary for 45 minutes before going back to sleep, which I invariably do quite quickly.  This does mean though that I’m too tired to wake at my normal 6:30am.  So after waking after 7 I headed for Caffe Nero only to find my window seat occupied and in a fit of pique carried on walking past, how dare someone sit in my place!  I’m generally happy to sit in any of the other comfy seats, so I don’t know what made me keep on walking, but I think I just decided to swim instead.  Continuing my string of bad luck the pool was crowded, because no one swims in lanes, but fortunately I’m still nursing my shoulder back to health so I didn’t want to do more than 20 lengths anyway.

I have decided though that there are only two good times to swim in the morning, and these fit nicely with the options for my desired morning routine.  I can either go at 6:30 and then I’m out in time for Caffe Nero at 7:30 or I can go to Caffe Nero first and then swim at 8:30.  At these two times there’s a good chance that there will be 0-2 people in the pool which is perfect.

The short swim, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam completed I headed for the Beach Terrace Cafe, noticing that I must have missed one heck of a storm while I was in the pool and I missed another while eating breakfast.  I then headed to the lawn mower shop to find out about their blade sharpening service.  The bad luck continued as it was closed for the day, so instead I sharpened and adjusted the mower myself and cut both lawns this afternoon and it’s working great – so not such bad luck after all.

The rest of the day I spent doing the chores, talking to Tess, watching a you tube video on artificial intelligence and reading.  I also spent a little time helping people out with what ‘wisdom’ I have with respect to Still’s disease and living with chronic illness.  I do this via the relevant Facebook group about once a week.

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