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I’ve had a fantastic day today which has really surprised me as I was very nervous about spending a day on a bus.  Jennie dropped me off at Preston Victoria at 1:30 and we left about an hour later as our bus was running late, but there were plenty of people waiting and another megabus was waiting too, it felt very safe.  The coach was very busy, but everyone was sleeping including me.  I started by watching an old favourite episode of SGA and then stuck my headphones in and listened to the Pzizz sleep app on my phone, which got me off to sleep just fine.  I woke at about 6am and felt very good.  I watched an episode of It’s Not Easy Being Green and had a snack and shortly after we arrived in London.

It was a gorgeous day so I quickly stocked up with a breakfast picnic from M&S food and headed for Hyde Park, where I had a lovely meal watching the birds and the people milling on and around the Serpentine.  I looped round the rest of the lake and headed back, all told a 2 hour walk, to the station.  I’d left my big rucksack at the coach station and I picked that up and checked in for the Amsterdam Coach.

The journey out of London was slow, but after we started moving the rest of the trip has been fabulous and totally relaxing.  I’ve been watching the world go by, listening to podcasts, watching TV shows, reading books, writing, posting to Instagram and munching.  I must admit that the whole experience has been greatly enhanced by the coach being 1/3 full, me having two seats to myself and the fantastic weather.

As I’m writing this we have just arrived at Lille, we still have Gent, Antwerp and Rotterdam to go, probably the most interesting part of the trip and hopefully Steph will be waiting for me at the bus station.

I’m posting this before the journey ends as I don’t know how long I will have wifi and how tired I will be by journeys end – most likely VERY VERY tired, and I’d rather spend the rest of the evening with Steph rather than writing my diary.

The photo shows my coach sitting at passport control at the Channel Tunnel terminal

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