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Today was a great day, the kind of day that I’d hoped for now that I retired, one of those opportunistic days that fit the weather, my mood and health perfectly. 

I slept well, spent an hour at Caffe Nero Lytham and then headed up to Windermere.  For the first time I put my bike in the boot and dropped it off at Waterhead, so that it would be waiting for me when I completed the west shore walk.  Unfortunately the chain came off in the boot and was a real struggle to fit again, leaving my hands caked in grease.  Fortunately there were toilets nearby but the cold water and even colder hand blower left my hands shivering, very lucky it wasn’t winter, but at least they were clean.  I then jumped back in the car and parked up in Bowness and had a lovely breakfast at #4 cafe, they always try to remember my order when I go back there, but still haven’t quite managed to get it right.

The walk along the lake was superb, unusually for this time of year there were lots of people out, but a very friendly crowd, once I got away from the tourists.  I’ve described the route in great detail in this post, but the difference this time was the cycle back from Waterhead rather than a walk along the road.  The ride went well, although I’m hopeless on even the modest hills, needing to drop down to first gear almost every time!  Even going down the hills was spoiled because I managed to break my mudguard stay and any vibration at speed had it clattering into the spokes.  Inspired by Rich Roll (and his podcast that I was listening to) I took a smoothie with me in a flask and it was still nice and cold, definitely a good strategy for future trips.

When I got home I fixed the mudguard with some bamboo, duct tape and a little help from Anna, who had just finished showing off her new Doc Martin leather bag.  I then packed my bags for the next two days away in the Forest of Bowland and munched my way through lots of tomatoes, blackberries and apples from the garden.

Debbie and I then went out for a meal at Toby’s and watched Stargate Atlantis.

Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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