Starting Work On The Garden

2015-10-10 08.43.09
Debbie surprised me this morning by asking if I wanted to go out for breakfast with her, which was quite a surprise as she hardly ever asks to do anything, preferring to be stuck into her work, it was a lovely surprise. As it was early we went to Toby’s and I constrained myself by not having Yorkshire Puddings, although I then craved them for the rest of the day!

When we arrived home I got stuck into my project for the week, preparing the garden for the first four raised beds that I’ve already made. This is a fairly big job involving digging up a a few well established bushes, cutting up a lot of turf and moving it to a new location and lots of minor tidying up and replanting tasks.

As I expected expected this was all a little too much for me, I gave myself a minor groin strain, but a quick application of ice and taking it easy seemed to have limited the damage, although it left me with a lot more still to do tomorrow.  The main benefit was that I got to start watching Stargate Universe while I ‘recuperated’.

I’m going to dig up much too much turf for me needs elsewhere in the garden so I bought a second compost bin which I will be filling up.

Lots of stuff picked from the garden today, two smoothies, four apples, a handful of tomatoes, four potatoes and a few blackberries, even a strawberry!

The photo is from yesterday’s early morning walk.

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