Finishing Is Not My Strength

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Today was a finishing up day, at least for phase one of the garden make over.  Finishing is not one of my strengths though, I’m great at ideas and starting projects, but the long drawn out process of getting to 100% is not for me.  Still now that I ‘work for myself’ I don’t have any choices except for procrastination, so that’s what I did.

Since I’m still weaning off medications I’m struggling sleeping, I always seem to be able to get off to sleep, but then I wake again after about two hours and toss and turn for hours if I don’t get up.  So I went downstairs and watched the last two episodes of It’s Not Easy Being Green and switched my alarm off, waking at 8:30.  This is a bit too late for a Beach Terrace Cafe morning because I also had a  lot of housework to do, so I cycled into Lytham and enjoyed some of the wonderful toast from Berties and did my reading.  I then went for a walk through the park, down Green Drive and back along the prom, before cycling home (lovely views today – see photo).

Then the excuses were over and needed to start to finish, I followed my 30 minutes working, 45 minutes TV watching pattern all afternoon, until 6pm.  I got a lot done, assembled two compost bins (one of them a rotating one), settled my new worms into the wormary (the last batch died), lined the first eight raised bed sections with thick black PVC to stop any of the timber treatment from leaching into the soil, levelled and filled the beds with soil, and lined the paths with PVC and bark.  I also managed to do the putting away, the washing up and two loads of washing as well as all the tidying – phew, I’m exhausted now.

The next couple of days are going to be social walking days, so I’m not doing any garden work, but the next phase of my project involves filling the beds with compost and building the frames that will support the nets that will protect them from the weather, the cats, birds and insects.  Then later in the year I will repeat this whole process with another three raised beds that will replace the existing three rotten ones.  I will also be installing three water buts for rainwater collection.

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