Starting With A Cold

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Debbie’s had a cold for a few days and I started with one today, we are both already taking a couple of swigs of cold pressed lime/lemon/ginger a day and it’s helping, but I’m also taking Coldeze lozenges, that have proven benefits, still I’m feeling quite tired.

Sticking to my new sleep routine I stayed up past 12 again last night and fell to sleep quickly, unfortunately an hour later I woke with restless leg (feet actually) which took 30 minutes to get under control (cooling gel) and then I slept through until 8am.  I put the winter quilt on a few days ago and because we don’t heat our bedroom it’s really great to snuggle into, although it’s a little hot in the morning.

Debbie and I then went straight out to breakfast at Toby’s and I resisted the Yorkshire Puddings, which was quite a feat.  We walked back through town and then Deb went off to church and I went to B&Q.  As a general rule now I avoid shops, even if I go in with something very specific that I need I find it hard to resist buying lot of things that I don’t.  This time at least I left empty handed and with a couple of clicks bought what I needed from Amazon when I got home, a new garden riddle.  The trip in the car wasn’t totally wasted though as I did pick up the last load of compost for the raised beds, so those are now finished, or at least the beds are.

I now need to build the frames that will protect the beds from cats, birds, bugs etc and I’ve been resisting starting to build these.  My reluctance comes from a few factors, I don’t have a design fixed in my head yet, it’s going to be a big job and I don’t much like shopping at my local timber shop – St Annes Timber.  Well I did the easy thing, I ordered the wood from B&Q and once it arrives I won’t have any more excuses and will be able to come up with a design, in fact several designs because the frames will be of different heights to suit different vegetables.

Now that I’ve finished transporting compost and my bike around I gave the inside of my car a quick clean, put the seats up and re-filled the boot with it’s usual contents, my emergency bag, Brompton etc.  The car needs a good clean inside and out next week sometime.

I had a nap in the afternoon and unusually I fell asleep for the full 45 minutes that I allot myself, normally I only manage 20.  Then I decided that I had better take the opportunity to jump on my bike as if my cold develops I won’t be feeling like exercise for a few days.  My plan for tomorrow though is to try swimming again, my shoulders are still very achy, but I don’t think more rest will help them.

Jennie and Jon came for tea and it was lovely to see them both relaxed having finally told everyone that they are having a baby, due mid May. We are of course very excited, although slightly apprehensive about Jennie’s health too.

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