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I’ve been pottering around today, avoiding the rain and enjoying the time to catch up with the housework and a bit of writing.  I’m exceptionally pleased with the new ThinkPad x230 that arrived yesterday, I new it was in perfect condition yesterday, but I discovered that it’s blisteringly fast today, the 16GB of memory allows it to keep almost everything cached in RAM, amazing.

I went to sleep at about midnight yesterday and fell to sleep quickly, it looks like my sleep routine should be normalised by next week if I keep progressing like this.  I woke at 6:30 and didn’t even need a nap during the day.  I headed straight out to Caffe Nero – in the rain – and then spent a couple of hours on my laptop, while it’s heat dried out my trousers.  By the time I left the rain had stopped so I went for a walk along the prom, I did intend to go swimming, but I’d timed it wrong (aqua-aerobics) so I carried on walking.  I popped into the lawn mower shop to inquire about getting the blades on my push mower sharpened, it’s expensive but worth it, so I will be getting that done soon, apparently the grinder they use cost £20K!

Once home I worked on eliminating a few annoyances.  I replaced the very sensitive smoke alarm that’s constantly being set off by toasting and grilling with a model that uses different detector technology and claims to be toast proof.  I fitted a new red bulb in the bathroom, for night time use, complementing the white spot light that we have for when a bright light is needed.  I gave Anna’s bedroom a good clean and tidy — she’s very busy right now and deserves a nicer environment to work and sleep in.  I made my smoothies up and planned our visit to London on Friday with Anna and I did the vacuuming.

I wrote a blog post about how I’m getting off the ‘new is better’ treadmill and drafted another about my investment priorities, both excuses to enjoy the fantastic keyboard on my new laptop.

The photo today is from my trip to London with Steph in August, this is where Anna and I will be having lunch on Friday and then we will be visiting Central St Martins University (the building in the pic) on Saturday.

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