Near Collapse

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A few times a year my body seems to get itself out of balance and I feel as though I’m in a continuous state of near collapse, with cold sweats, wobbly legs, blurred vision and lights before my eyes.  It’s bad enough whenever it happens, but it’s quite scary when I’m out walking like I was today. I was very close to ringing Jennie to come and rescue me but in the end I just kept moving and arrived home with a big sigh of relief.  The rest of day I’ve not been feeling great, but I’m gradually improving.

The wood arrived today for the frames that will protect the raised beds, they sent the wrong sized timber, but now that it’s here I’m happy to keep it – it’s just a bit chunky – because it will last a long time and it’s very nicely finished.  I’m looking forward to getting these frames completed and netted as I hate to se a job half done, today I worked through in my mind how I think I will assemble them.  It’s a tricky problem because I want them to look nice and neat but also be easy to remove for access to the beds, I’m excited to see if my idea will work.

Given how poorly I’ve been feeling I’ve not felt up to doing much today.  I did the clothes washing and washing up, cleaned the floors and vacuumed, unloaded the wood, packed my bag for tomorrow (I am travelling very light) and did a little shopping.   I’ve started to vacuum every day now because it’s easier to dash around for 5 minutes with the rechargeable hand vacuum than it is to lug the big beast around once a week and the house looks better too.

I decided to update my ‘motivational’ poster as well and published the result on my blog, I’m pleased with the process of refining this every year and this year’s poster is the best of the three and seeing it every day by my desk certainly helps keep me on target!

As a big user of RSS it’s interesting to watch as Facebook becomes the primary way to publish news, the level of engagement in my blog is much higher via Facebook than comments on the actual blog posts themselves.  This trend can only get stronger now as I noticed today that Facebook Instant Articles went live for me and although I’ve previously disliked reading the news via Facebook I have to admit they are impressive, very fast and a great clean reading experience.

After a much needed nap I then I settled down to do some reading and watch a couple of episodes of River Cottage for sustainable living inspiration!  Although I napped for the full 45 minutes, I slept really well last night, in fact I think I’m now sleeping better than I did when I was on the meds to help me sleep, of course I’m in less pain as well so It’s an unfair comparison, although the shoulders are still very sore.

I’ve started to follow Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook and he’s a remarkable guy, it’s really amazing how much busy people manage to do.  One of his challenges is to read a book a week and he publishes these, along with reviews and Q&A sessions with the authors on Facebook.  I’m tempted to try his current book, The three Body Problem, a Sci-Fi novel that’s been taking China by storm, I’m hoping it’s another Martian!

Another picture from London today, I’m excited to be going there with Anna tomorrow, sadly we won’t be swimming in the Serpentine but we might avail ourselves of the cafe!

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