The Lazy Days Are The Worst Ones

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After a hectic and tiring couple of days in London I promised myself a lazy day today, but these lazy days are the worst, too many of them and in retirement they nudge me closer to the slippery slope that leads to lethargy, boredom and depression.  It’s important for me to be doing things, pushing my boundaries, being useful and productive, but all that within my energy envelope.

What’s this ‘energy envelope’, well the last month has demonstrated that a relaxed life hasn’t eliminated flare ups completely from my life, it’s just made them easier to manage.  That means that ‘pacing’ is still important to the way that I live and the easiest way of pacing is to live within my energy envelope.  Carefully balancing inputs and outputs.  Inputs – enough sleep, meditation, social support, healthy food, movement, stretching and strengthening my body – outputs intense and long duration exercise, negative thoughts, stress, immobility.  

As I often do I’d pushed myself a little too hard when I first retired and now I’ve paid the price, but it’s important not to swing too far the other way, pacing or balance is all important.

So what opportunities did today bring, a nice lie in until 8pm, a long morning in Caffe Nero writing blog posts and diary entries, a walk along the misty prom and some shopping.  Once home I made up a large container of a trail mix, of my own devising, for all those hikes I’m planning, baked some bread and cleaned the kitchen and the floors.  I then ate a big salad and watched Stargate SG-1, while waiting for the bread to rise.  Then I watched another episode while munching on the bread, washed the bedding, put all the clothes away and scanned my RSS feeds.

Debbie and I have just finished dinner and I’m heading out for a swim, I’m desperately keen to start swimming again but my shoulders still hurt a lot.  I’m going to try and establish an evening swimming habit for the days when a morning swim doesn’t appeal to me, but that means eating earlier as 6:30-7pm seems to be a good time.  When I get home we will be watching Sleepy Hollow our new favourite show!

Steve Richards

I'm retired from work as a business and IT strategist. now I'm travelling, hiking, cycling, swimming, reading, gardening, learning, writing this blog and generally enjoying good times with friends and family

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