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Well the best that can be said about the current weather is that the grass is looking very lush, I’m a fair weather exerciser though so it’s been a only short stroll into town and Caffe Nero for me and the exercise bike has been well used instead of my usual walking.  It’s easy to get out of the exercise bike habit though so I always commit to watching certain TV shows only if I go on the bike.  Today it was the turn of Madam Secretary and I’m planning another biking session later, unless the rain stops.

Debbie surprised me this afternoon by joining me for an marathon session watching Grand Designs New Zealand, I love the idea of living in New Zealand, my Dad once seriously considered emigrating with us there and we went so far as visiting the embassy in London, but in the end it came to nothing.  In my mind though it’s always been the  only other country that I’d consider living in, being as close to the UK lifestyle as I can find but with an upgrade.  We like discussing the houses of course and today there was such a glorious contrast between an incredibly liveable Earth Ship that cost about half as much to build as an arty folly that would have been very constraining.  Much as I love the concept of Earth Ships, I wouldn’t build with old tires and cob walls, but I would be happy with all of the other design elements; I really like the fact that the global community of Earth Ship builders are constantly innovating on design ideas. The final episode was a gothic mansion built almost entirely by a joiner, his apprentice and family, the standard of workmanship was incredible and a real labour of love.

I’m making dinner tonight, the girls favourite, baked potatoes, beans, salad, cheese and tuna in various combinations.  I’ve been researching each recipe that I’ve made this week and I’m still enjoying myself.  I’m writing up each of them in Paprika which I have installed on my phone, iPad and PCs.  It’s helping me keep track of the logistics of cooking and it makes automatically generating shopping lists really easy!  Tonight for dinner we have, Debbie, Jennie and Anna and Tessa’s meal will be warmed up for when she arrives home later after work.

The day ended with an evening walk, excellent swim and sauna, followed by a couple of episodes of Sleepy Hollow.  Last night’s sleep was a little disrupted so I’m hoping for a better night, at least on Sundays I get an extra hour in bed (Caffe Nero opens an hour later).

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