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Another lovely sunrise this morning marked the beginning of a mostly good day, marred only by a migraine in the late afternoon and evening.  Expecting rain for most of the day I took the opportunity of a dry start to walk along the prom into town and then spent most of the morning in Caffe Nero.  The first two hours on my own reading and the second two with John and it was really nice to meet up finally, as I’ve been otherwise engaged the previous two times he’s suggested we meet.  I left Nero’s at just before twelve and it still wasn’t raining so I walked north to the dunes and then back through the housing estates to avoid the wind.

When I arrived home I was pleasantly surprised to see that the wind had dried the grass so I managed to get it cut again, which is always tricky in autumn.  I then fixed the sticking back gate and glued the edging strips down in the kitchen and fitted the last of the LED bulbs downstairs.  Back in the garden I raided the cardboard bin and the garage and found enough to cover the exposed soil of the new raised beds that are rapidly sprouting weeds and finished designing the lean to shelter that’s going on the back of the garage,  I will start building it soon.

I had lunch and then decided to try my hand at making fish cakes for Tess, Jennie and Debbie.  I made six in total, salmon and tuna and they turned out very well after a bit of experimentation.  I made lunch for Tess and dinner for myself, Debbie and Jennie and a warm up meal for Tess when she gets back from work.  Over dinner most of the conversation revolved around bringing up children, the erosion of family life, living within one’s means and dolls – good fun – or it would have been if my head hadn’t been pounding.

The migraine started mid afternoon and I’ve not yet won the battle with it, so far I’ve survived on paracetamol, because I’m holding the cocodamol in reserve for tonight, I’m going to need a scalp massage though if I’m going to survive watching TV.

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