Party Time

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I’ve spent today in flow, that wonderful state of being busy, but in control, no time to think, just enough time to do.  The day started badly though because I woke up to find that I was running 40 minutes late after forgetting to set my alarm clock, Debbie must have left too early to come and see me before she left.  I caught up quite a bit of time by ignoring the cats and just grabbling my bag and heading straight out to Caffe Nero.  I ended up being 10 minutes late, but my window seat was still vacant and my jobs were still waiting to be done.  After an relaxing couple of hours Paul pinged me to say that he was feeling rough and wouldn’t be able to go out walking so I did a quick circuit of the prom and popped into Sainsbury’s, which is worth a mention as cherries (my favourite food) have arrived back in store, perfect timing for today’s party.

Once home I started work on the ‘party tea’, mixed salad, with chicken, eggs and cheese; freshly baked rolls, and a large plaited loaf; chocolate cherries, fairly cakes with whipped cream and jam, two cheese cakes and various shop bought trimmings.  I also made Tessa chicken and veg for dinner, and mine, Anna and Debbie’s packed lunches for tomorrow. 

The cats have got fleas at the moment and we treated them yesterday, so today I had to spray insecticide in all the nooks and crannies and carpets, and give the whole place a thorough vacuum as well as washing all the cats bedding and separately our bedding; four loads of washing!  For good measure I washed the hard floors and did the washing up and putting away about three times.

Finally I squeezed in fixing the porch light, which had rusted through it’s fastenings, and fitted an LED bulb and taking Tess to work.


I was glad to sit down with Debbie, Jennie, Jon, Anna and Thom and enjoy the fruits of my labours, they all seemed to enjoy it too.   It was a special day today, Jennie and Jon’s fifth anniversary and I wanted to make it special, doubly important as Jennie is not feeling too good today, she’s had bad morning sickness and has an ear infection and a mild chest infection, none of which is a worry, but all need monitoring.

Now it’s Sleepy Hollow time, if I can manage to stay awake.

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