A Day With Tessa

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It’s been a while since the last time spent quality time with Tess so I was really looking forward to today and it didn’t disappoint. We met up at Caffe Nero and went to Buckshaw Village Cow Cafe, to meet Neil and Emma.  Neil is a sergeant in the police child protection division and Emma is a social worker in the same field, Tess and I met up with them to help Tessa understand career options and to get some insight into the roles and the best degree choices.  They were both very generous with their time and we learnt a lot and got to spend time together, both in the meeting and shopping after.  Strangely, things come in threes, I also got to see her at work yesterday  at the Atrium restaurant, for the first time, and also bumped into her tonight at the Indigo bar on by way to swimming.

My day started at about 6:30 as usual, but I was very weary so I snoozed until seven.  I drove to Caffe Nero and parked up and then went for a walk along the beach, out to the sea and back through the dunes, I was hoping to see a great sunrise, but had to be content to see just a hint of pink in the sky.  Because I was parked at Nero’s Tess came to meet me there after about an hours reading and we headed off to Chorley.  After our meeting at the very trendy Cow Cafe, we popped into Tesco and then drove home.  One of the key things that Tess concluded was that with all the meetings she would have to attend she would need to learn to drive!

This afternoon I was planning to start work on my garden project, but my throat was sore and I was feeling very tired so I excused myself from that, spent some time sorting out this weeks TV shows and had a nap.  Then I turned my attention to my Sunday signature dish, home made Pizza, with three different toppings and burger and veg for me.  Dinner was great, we had Jennie, Lewis, Anna with us.

After dinner I went for a swim and we watched the penultimate episode of Sleepy Hollow.

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