Family Meals

2005-12-25 20.48.15 I’ve always enjoyed family meals, but now that I’m doing the cooking I find them even more rewarding.  Today I spent a good couple of hours making a fantastic roast chicken with Yorkshire puddings and veg, the vegetarians has herby Yorkshires instead of meat and I made extra puddings to have with golden syrup later.  The roast chicken worked out very economical, it was a medium free range bird from Aldi and I’ve enough meat left over for the next couple of days.  Compared to buying pre-prepared chicken breasts it’s a real bargain!

I slept well again last night, that’s two nights running that I’ve had a full eight hour sleep and I’m definitely feeling the benefits of it.  I’ve been hoping that I can get by on seven hours, but that definitely doesn’t seem to be the case.  I then put on my waterproofs and headed out to Caffe Nero. As so often happens when I’m in rain gear, it didn’t rain at all, even during the post Caffe Nero walk and shopping.   On my walk today I was listening to a podcast by Tim Ferriss, describing his journaling practice and there’s definitely some good ideas that I can include in my diary writing.

When I arrived back home I finished off the clothes washing and a few chores and then jumped on my exercise bike to watch, Agent X, which was ludicrous but fun, although it was panned in the reviews it’s perfect light hearted, action packed, un-challenging fare for cycling to.  Dripping with sweat I then went in the bath and read my fiction book.  I then popped into town to finish off the last of the shopping and on the way back I listened to a handful of songs in the square, part of the Christmas lights switch on celebrations, I really enjoyed it.

Back home I spent the rest of the afternoon cooking the roast meal for Debbie, Lewis, Thom and Anna and a warm up meal for Tess.  Thom, Debbie and I are off to watch Bridge Of Spy’s at the cinema soon and Anna and Tess are going to do some babysitting, when Tess gets home from work.

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