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2015-12-01 11.02.27

It’s quite a shock to the psyche to be so strong yesterday and then so incredibly weak today, hard to prepare, hard to know how to respond, I do what I always do, just try to keep moving, keep busy, do something useful.  Unfortunately it means my plans to go hiking in the Lakes tomorrow aren’t likely to happen and I can’t even work on my garden shelter as it’s too windy to be building anything.  I’m sure I will enjoy some sunny spells though, no matter where I am.

My day started as usual at just before six and I knew something was wrong straight away, despite having had a good long sleep I was so weak I could hardly motivate myself to get out of bed, no pain, just crushing fatigue.  I did manage it in the end though, motivated by Caffe Nero and I arrived there a few minutes early after feeding the cats and sorting out the litter tray – what joy – although if I can’t cope happily with cat chores there’s no way I can even consider livestock in the future!  Michelle was there this morning, back from the US where she saw her son for the first time in three years and her grandchildren who she’s not seen for longer, she had a wonderful time and found it very hard to leave.  I really do hope that I never have to be parted from my children again for more than a few months at a time and even that is hard.

After a couple of hours doing my online chores, I got chatting with Lewis and we spent about 30 minutes discussing the leading edge tech he’s working with.  I find though that I’m not really interested in tech any more, it seems to be separating us from reality and although it provides opportunities to ‘see’ more of the world, that ‘seeing’ is a very low resolution experience compared to reality, albeit a seductive one.

I then took a rainy walk along the beach and went shopping.  Gradually as the day’s worn on I’ve felt gradually worse, with fatigue being supplemented by an ever worsening headache and nausea.  I was about to give in and go to bed when Jennie popped in and reminded me that I needed to go to my blood test.  I dragged myself to the docs and had quite a nice time chatting to Anita and went shopping again on the way home.  Even having shopped twice I still managed to forget two out of the four things on my list.

Back home I had a nap and watched a video about permaculture, that was interesting but a bit slow so a broke up it’s 90 minute running time with washing up, sorting out the clothes, vacuuming, mopping the floors, making dinner, making packed lunches, preparing my anti-cold tonic for Debbie and filling in my medical records and budget tracking spread sheets.  I also made up half a dozen Yogurt Jelly fruit salads (a family favourite).

For dinner we have Anna, Thom and Debbie tonight, with Jennie and Tess having theirs later, after work.

Tonight is a swimming night, which I will be giving a miss, I’m not sure I will be eating dinner either, to be honest all I’m really looking forward to is sleep!

Today’s photo shows one of the many interconnecting overflows between the various reservoirs that make up the Rivington network.  It’s rare to see them in operation, but of the ones I passed yesterday two were in full flow, always a treat to watch.

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