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It’s hard to get over the degree of contrasts in the last 4 days.  Wednesday I was hiking in sunny Rivington with Gary, very strong and full of energy, Thursday it was raining and I was deeply fatigued and struggling, Friday I was great again, hiking in the sunshine around Coniston and Saturday, I struggling a bit, but trapped inside by very heavy rain and gale force winds.  There definitely seems to be a pattern, I really like being outside in the sunshine and feel much worse on rainy days.  This year there’s been more rain than I can ever remember in Autumn and it’s really been a struggle.  If rain like this is going to be a regular experience I’m going to have to do some lifestyle design to help me cope with it.

Today has been quite mundane, I put on my waterproofs and headed to Caffe Nero as usual, after a good nights sleep.  It started raining hard not long after I arrived and I struggled to concentrate so I left early, went for a short walk around the park, popped into Sainsbury’s and then home.  At home I sorted out the clothes and washing up, did the vacuuming and read one of my gardening books.  I decided to make my usual evening meal (lamb/liver burgers and veg) for lunch so that we could all have freshly baked bread for dinner.  I then spent 45 minutes on my exercise bike, had a nap, ready my fiction book and baked the bread.

I survived the grim day with lots of bright lights and music, one of the great things about an LED illuminated house is the ability to keep it nice and bright without breaking the bank.  There’s been no one around today really.  Debbie spent the afternoon shopping for school, Tess, Anna and Thom are at work, Jennie and Jon are at the Trafford Centre and Lewis is upstairs doing his college work.

I’d really like to go swimming later, but the thought of stepping outside makes it quite unlikely.

Today’s photo is from yesterday’s Coniston hike and shows the view from one of my childhood family camping spots, I’m pleased I went there yesterday and not today!

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