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I was planning a big hike today, to walk around and up Pendle Hill, all my walking gear was ready, my bags were packed, my packed lunch prepared.  Then I realised it was ‘patch test day’ and that while I had the allergy testing patches on my back, sweating, and any strenuous motion of my back wasn’t allowed; otherwise the tests would be invalidated.  The patches come off on Wednesday afternoon, but even then I’m not allowed to break a sweat or go swimming until they’ve been examined by the doctor on Friday – very frustrating.  Even more annoying is the fact that the patches don’t include oil seed rape, and as they are on my back and the rash was only ever on my front I’m not sure what value they will have.  Anyway I’m committed now, make the best of it.

I didn’t sleep well last night, waking at about 2am and tossing and turning for half an hour before I finally got up and watched TV for an hour, after which I fell to sleep straight away.  I watched River Cottage Australia, the same formula as the UK, but different location and people, about as good, i.e. great.  I woke around 7am and struggled to get up, but in the end I managed it, did the washing, fed the cats, sorted out the litter tray and headed for Caffe Nero.  The conversation was predictably all about the floods, I had my free milk and left after an hour, in time to walk along the prom to Clifton hospital and I was lucky I did as the sunrise was spectacular.

The application of the patches was meant to take ‘up to an hour’ but took 5 minutes and I had to walk home in just my T shirt as it was so hot in the hospital I was sweating just walking to the door.  Once home I put the washing out to dry, washed the kitchen mats, gave my garage repairs another coat of paint, washed the floors, waxed the table and vacuumed.  Then I started on the big project of the day, sorting through, tidying and rationalising all of the kitchen cupboards.  Jennie arrived 2/3 of the way through and was a big help in finishing.  We did the big pantry cupboard, the bread cupboard, the plastic containers cupboard and the cups/mugs and glasses cupboard.  Quite a big job and very tedious, checking hundreds of sell by dates and sorting everything into groups etc.  In the end though it was worthwhile, with food prone to damp all in the house and tins in the garage and much easier to find and reach.

I then popped into town to do my weekly Aldi shop, I walked along the prom and was rewarded with an excellent sunset, both in one day is a real treat! I filled two large bags from Aldi and then made the mistake of getting a trolley at Sainsbury’s, resulting in a total of three bulging and extremely heavy bags to carry home, I had to strip down to a T-shirt again to keep from sweating – lugging all that lot home – and I’m not sure I was 100% successful.

When I arrived home I just had time to cook a roast meal for Debbie and Anna and break my Drop 7 game record, while watching the Yorkshire Pudding’s rise.

Apparently I am allowed to take a warm shallow bath tonight, which is something.

The photo is taken from the prom today, before the sunset as I went into town to do the shopping

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