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I’ve been chugging along today, suffering from a moderate migraine which has left me very dopey but also quite chilled out.  That’s the benefit of Cocodamol rather than Naproxen as a migraine drug.  Naproxen works about as well, but cocodamol relaxes me and helps me cope with any lingering pain that remains.

I slept well last night, but overslept as I forgot to set the alarm, when I first looked it was 6:45 (5 minutes early) then when I finally roused myself again it was 7:10 (20 minutes late).  The cats were all prowling around as they hadn’t been fed so I did the very rapid run around the house and then left for Caffe Nero.  I put the tables out for the first time in a week and they kindly gave me milk and a Brownie, which I didn’t really want but felt it was churlish to refuse.  Just after nine, Paul pinged me suggesting that we defer our walk until tomorrow which was perfect for me as my headache was starting. 

When I finished at Nero’s it was raining a little, but it soon stopped so  I went out for a walk along the prom and then back along the inner prom, doing a beach clean as I went.  It was actually the official beach clean today, but I was too early to join it, I still did my bit.  I popped into Sainsbury’s in the way home to get some cherries, which are superb right now, very hard to resist, so I don’t.

When I got home Jennie was up and I talked her into doing the Christmas cards, we managed to find enough charity cards in the cupboard, but the storage boxes all collapsed when I pulled them out, they are stuffed full of cards and envelopes and then stuffed full with more, so I had to collect hundreds of cards and envelopes from the hall floor and make a hasty repair with lots of duct tape.  While Jennie was writing I cooked a chicken and made up three cheesecakes, instead of my usual two, the third one was set with vege-jelly, made specially for Thom. Unfortunately it didn’t go so well, the vege-jelly solution seemed to immediately curdle the cheesecake mix, I’m pleased I’m not eating it.

I then wasted half an hour trying to setup a wireless access point for Steph to take back with her to Amsterdam, I was planning to use a BT home Hub 4 that we were given but have never used.  Unfortunately after a bit of experimentation it was possible to setup every feature but the critical one that’s needed for her special circumstances, so I’ve had to order an alternative.

By now my migraine was in full force and I was relying on the meds to survive.  I did a couple of loads of washing, swept the floors and made Anna a packed lunch and then headed off to collect Tess from Preston station, where she was returning from a trip to London.  The highlight of the trip seems to have been an hours discussion with Preston’s MP, which included a good discussion of the terrorist threat, she also got to tour the Commons and the Lords, she liked the House of Lords best!

I put the second tray in my worm farm (wormery) today, the first one is now full of kitchen scraps and the worms are munching through it, hopefully by spring all four trays will have been turned into top quality compost.

Debbie and I have started to work our way through the last two series of Bones, which will keep us in TV shows for a couple of weeks.

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