Walking To Brockholes

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It was just after midnight when I finally got to bed last night, not because I was working my fingers to the bone of course, but because I just can’t get enough of watching River Cottage Australia, which I like even more than the UK version, because the sun’s always shining.  That meant though that I was really struggling to wake up at 6:40am to take Tessa, Anna and Thom to Preston station, but with a little encouragement from Debbie (what a treat, to see her in the morning) I made it.  We picked Thom up on the way and made excellent time, which was good because I’m not sure how comfortable Tess and Thom were sharing the back seat with Anna’s A2 portfolio case!  After I’d dropped them off my plan was to park up, down by the river, and then walk up to Caffe Nero to meet Thom, but as I was making my way along the bank my mind settled on walking to Brockholes instead.  I’ve wanted to do this walk for a few months now, ever since I did the Guild Wheel cycle ride with Chris and discovered the easy riverside path that leads there.

Well I got there ok, although a short cycle ride is a much longer walk, and arrived just as the cafe was opening.  The paths were all clear of flood water, but there were a few muddy patches, nothing a little climbing and careful step/sliding didn’t solve.  The river banks were another matter, outside of Preston itself there had been some fairly significant damage to them, with hundred meter stretches scoured clean of vegetation in places, yet in others there was no sign of damage at all.

The walk took me 4 hours in total, and it’s a perfect day hike, the cafe was excellent as usual and I had a superb no-cook creamy cheesecake and sat in the comfy chairs using my laptop for an hour before heading home.  During the walk I’d been texting Rob and we scheduled a walk in the Lakes on Thursday, but we will have to see about the weather.

I popped into Morrison’s to do some shopping, and as soon as I got home I unpacked the bags, tidied up the Christmas tree and had a quick nap.

Debbie’s going out for a Christmas meal tonight and I’ve had two smoothies already, so I’m not making myself a cooked meal.  Instead I’m treating myself with organic Tomato Soup, Granary Bread and later on home made cheese cake (I’ve made two this afternoon).  I’ve also cooked a lovely free range chicken, for tomorrow, but I might have a few bites of that too.  Debbie’s been working on a Christmas event for parents for the last few weeks, it’s involved a huge amount of work and lot’s of practice sessions but it was the first performance in front of parents today.  There will always be wrinkles that can’t be smoothed out in any event that involves children, especially those with special needs, but practice and Debbie’s inspirational teaching prevailed, I’m sure the other performances will go well too.  She’s also had some lovely feedback from a visiting university tutor, so she’s nicely buzzing for her evening out.

Anna, Tess and Thom should be enjoying the delights of Oxford Street and the Christmas markets in London today, before Anna and Thom’s interviews tomorrow, I’m hoping Tess spends some time exploring the university.

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