Steph Returns

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Steph flew in from Amsterdam today, Jennie and Jon picked her up and they popped into the Manchester Christmas market on the way home.  They cut their visit short though so they could see Tess before she headed off to another very long shift at the Dalmeney.

Because Jennie provided the taxi service Debbie got to go to church as usual and I took advantage of the good weather to walk to Lytham, after a nice lie in.  I love the toast at Bertie’s but I managed to restrict myself to two slices while I read my current fiction book, which I’ve nearly finished and am really enjoying now.  Like so many things in life, good fiction often requires a fair bit of effort before my brain ‘gets it’ after which the reading just flows.  I walked back via Witch Wood, admiring the railway station gardens that are really looking splendid now.

I arrived home at around lunch time, quite tired, so I had a quick smoothie from the fridge and a bowl of cereal.  I then had a nap, spent a bit of time on my PC and then jumped on my bike for an hour while watching TV.  Then Steph arrived, while I was dripping with sweat and stripped to the waist.  After a quick hug and chat I had a bath to clean up and read a bit more.  I then prepped my dinner for Debbie who was doing the cooking tonight.  For dinner we had Debbie, Steph, and Anna and it was really good fun, especially the planning process for the ‘snow globe’ biscuits that Steph and Anna are planning to make tonight.

I left Debbie doing the washing up to go swimming and was very pleased to power through forty easy lengths, I’m definitely improving, and after I had a lovely moonlit walk along the prom on the way home.

Debbie and I then watched Bones, before yet another stretch of reading time in the bath and an episode of River Cottage Australia.

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