Grandma Visits

2015-12-22 10.32.02

Debbie’s Mum stayed with us today, so we took the opportunity to go to watch Force Awakens at the local cinema with Steph and Graham as well.  We also had our first Christmas dinner with Debbie, Steph, Graham, Jon, Jennie, Anna, Thom, Tess, Grandma.  It was quite a logistical nightmare pulling the dinner together and all of the different puddings, so it was a good job that I’d been practicing over the last few months.  Cooking for ten meant that I needed to buy two new large Yorkshire pudding tins and a second steamer and even then we ran out of veg.

I didn’t sleep well last night, waking up with a migraine, but as luck would have it while I waited downstairs for the pain killers to take effect I got to watch the Falcon rocket launch by Space X successfully land the first stage of the rocket, a real landmark event for spaceflight!

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