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I started with a migraine yesterday and ate too many chocolates, the migraine proved difficult to shift, even after a couple of doses of cocodamol and I woke in the middle of the night unable to sleep through it, so I watched some River Cottage.  When I woke this morning I thought that I was suffering from too much cocodamol, but that proved not to be the case, as the day wore on my I started to feel nauseous and a very painful and exhausting flare developed and the headache returned as did a fever.  The day had been really grim, for most of the time I’ve only been able to lie on the sofa, listening to music and watching TV and feeling very sorry for myself. I’ve not been able to eat, but the highlight of the day was cuddling up with Anna and chatting. 

The low light of the day was definitely the TV show Childhood’s End, the first episode that I watched yesterday was slow but bearable, but the two episodes today were even slower and very depressing.  The show bore almost no relationship to the original uplifting Arthur C Clarke book of the same name. 

So although most of the day was a write off I did manage to make a couple of cheesecakes, which required extreme perseverance and walk into Caffe Nero to give the girls their Christmas bonus.  Unfortunately perhaps it was the free Brownie they gave me that upset my stomach, I hope not.  I’ve resorted to a photo from yesterday, it’s hard to believe how much better I felt only such a short time ago and it’s disappointing to have missed a nice sunny afternoon and by what little I saw of it a nice sunset.

Sadly I’m going to have to miss Carols By Candlelight at the church, I really don’t want to be hobbling around there and throwing up to music.

Steve Richards

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  1. Paul Schofield says:

    Shame about Childhood’s End, I had hoped the mini series would do the book proud. I need to re-read the book again, it’s been some years since I last read it and I can only remember the beginning and, vaguely, the end.

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