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While it’s lovely to have guests and to celebrate Christmas, there’s also a special delight when everyone goes home, the Christmas decorations are put away, the sweets disappear from the table and life returns to normal.  That’s today in our house, Mum left for Newark and Debbie and I worked together to lick the house into shape.  I made an incredible four trips to Sainsbury’s to restock and did four loads of washing, a fair bit of cleaning and a top to bottom vacuum to catch up on neglected housework.

It’s been a lovely day, I’ve much more energy as I finally managed a decent nights sleep, even if I did spend over an hour in the middle of the night being driven crazy by restless leg, it seems improved today.  Mum and I went out for breakfast at the Water’s Edge Cafe and then walked north along the beach to the sand yacht club and then back along road by the dunes.  We popped into Aldi to stock up on veg, chicken and dairy and Sainsbury’s for everything else.  Then back home I made smoothies while Mum packed and made lunch.  Debbie has almost finished her work, so she might actually be able to get out of a chair for a few days of the holiday and that should really help her back.

Mum and I then walked to the station and after a quick trip to Sainsbury’s I saw her off, popped back to Sainsbury’s and then walked home.  Next up were the Christmas decorations, Debbie disassembled the tree while I packed everything else up and moved it into the loft.  I took the opportunity to do a bit of tidying up there and also to pack away Steph’s stuff ready for her return in the summer.  Then after a little hoovering, cleaning and washing it was all done, the conservatory doors were wide open finally filling the house with clean air again and we could relax.

Relax, meant Debbie and I walking into town along the prom, I’d hoped we would be watching a sunset but sadly the sky clouded over and there was nothing to see, still we had a nice walk and it was good to see plenty of people out enjoying the last of the daylight.

Back home I did another hour of housework, general tidying and cleaning, restocking cat food, fixing the soap dispenser (for the third time), washing the towels, remaking the beds after washing the bedding and on and on and on.  I love the feeling of achievement from simple routines like this.

Dinner was a bowl of cereal as I’ve already had two smoothies packed with veg and my meat and eggs for the day (breakfast) so I’ve plenty of time to pop out for a swim once I’ve finished writing this.  Then it will be a couple of TV shows (Bones and Blacklist perhaps) before I make another attempt at an undisturbed nights sleep, although I don’t expect to achieve that until next week at best.

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