A Frustrating Day

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It’s been one of those days that’s been full of little frustrations, the kind that are easy to cope with as part of a team, but hard on my own, so this will be a bit of a rant.

  1. Jennie is hardly every at home now, so she never does her chores, leaving me with another job to pickup
  2. Anna didn’t do her chores either last night and no one washed up the morning pots so I had to do both
  3. I’ve had to clear up the cat litter that’s been kicked all over the floor literally 9 times
  4. The tow bar fitter took 3.5 hours rather than the 2 he predicted which kept me in the house from 12-5pm, messing up my afternoon.  I kept having to pop out to help him too, so I didn’t get chance to have a nap, leaving me very tired.  By the time he finished it was dark making it hard to see how to use it when he did the demo and he was rushing as he was so late and it’s complicated.  It comes with a guide, which is all incomprehensible pictures, with no words at all, I can’t follow this type of manual
  5. Jennie decided she didn’t want dinner, and then later Anna decided she didn’t either, which meant I had to change dinner plans for tonight and tomorrow.  As a result I didn’t have anything for Debbie to eat and I couldn’t go out because of the tow bar fitter, I had to send Anna out.  Then Debbie didn’t let me know she was leaving work so I wasn’t even able to make dinner for her when she arrived.
  6. Tess came home and then left for work, without putting the washing away, as usual, leaving it for me and then she asked for me to make her dinner for her, which would have been great if I’d made Pizza as planned, but now I have to make something special.  Of course as per usual she left all of her lights on in her room.
  7. I battled with taking the curtains down, washed and ironed them, battled to get them up again, only to discover that I’d managed to shrink them by nearly 6 inches
  8. The frame on my new revolving compost bin has distorted, so it’s scraping on the floor,  I had to raise the feet up on blocks to keep it working
  9. Stu is trying to schedule a catch-up, but he’s so busy it’s hard for him to give me any notice of which day it will be

So many days are like this, and endless stream of little annoyances, with no one to share them with and a feeling of being taken for granted.  It’s only a problem when I’m tired like today.

I did manage to do a few constructive things though.  I had a nice walk with Paul, to Fairhaven lake and then back along the beach.  I vacuumed everywhere, washed the curtains and cleaned the windows and window sills and oiled the windows.  I washed the downstairs hard floors and cleaned up the kitchen and put the bins out and got the bike rack installed (even if I don’t know how to use it yet).

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